Ultraviolet Inspiration, Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

Purple is a colour that has had many associations over the years, from royalty and wealth to spirituality. After Pantone selected Ultraviolet as colour of the year, we were inspired to look back at some of purples most influential fashion moments in recent history.


Performers in Purple: Prince, Bowie,and Rhianna

Think Prince, think purple. The iconic musician was even given his own shade of purple in tribute, named Love Symbol #2, after his death. Purple is a colour of mystery, creativity and imagination and seems the perfect choice for a revolutionary performer and icon. Undeniably iconic and daring musician, David Bowie, also wore some incredible purple ensembles. Unlike Prince, Bowie did not have a particular colour that he associated with, preferring to experiment with anything and everything, producing some unique and inspiring outfits. In more recent years, Rhianna was a vision in lilac tulle at the 2017 launch of her new line of beauty products. This dress, designed by 2016 central saint martins graduate Molly Goddard, received mixed feedback, some felt the creation was worthy of a Princess, others thought it was childish.


Royalty and Red Carpets: Lady Di, Princess Beatrice and Priyanka Chopra

This purple Versace dress was claimed to be one of Princess Dianna’s most iconic looks. Purple was originally a colour exclusively made for royals as it was too expensive for anyone else to afford. Although that it no longer the case today, purple is still a colour associated with historical wealth and many members of the modern day royal family wear it still. Princess Beatrice, a modern day royal herself, wore a gorgeous purple gown to the 2018 Met Gala, with the theme ‘heavenly bodies’ tying together the symbolism of purple in both royalty and religion. In Catholicism in particular, purple is a symbolic colour worn by priests when they hear confessions, or during advent and lent. Lastly, at the most recent Royal Wedding, Priyanka Chopra, an Indian actress, wore a stunning Phillip Treacy hat and Vivienne Westwood ensemble in the most feminine, delicate shade of lavender, earning her a place on the best dressed list.




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