3 Ways to Style Your Hair With Swimwear

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It can be hard deciding on the right hairstyle to wear with your swimwear, having to take in to account keeping your hair dry and out of the way, to ensuring it compliments your bikini or swimsuit. We’ve put together a brief guide of some of the best hairstyles to wear with your swimwear this summer.


  1. The Simple Bun




A bun is the perfect hairstyle to ensure your hair stays dry and protected while taking a dip in the pool or venturing into the sea.  For a classic and elegant look, ensure all your hair is all swept back into a smooth, neat bun, using clips if necessary. Paired with a simple, low cut bikini or one piece, this will have a very flattering effect and elongate the neck. For a more youthful and fun look, you can tease the bun to give it volume and pull some loose, messy strands out. Add accessories such as statement earrings and a silk headscarf. Pair with a very clean, plain bikini to make your hair the center of the look.








2. Retro Braids, 2 Ways

Although a little more complicated, the following styles are great ways to keep your hair out of the way while swimming. Braids also tend to be a very secure style for almost all hair lengths and types. Braids can give a very retro appearance and will work well with vintage inspired bikinis.

  • The French Braid

French braids are very versatile; you can wear just one simple braid, a side braid, two plaits or four. However they’re worn, French plaits will always keep your hair safely tied back even if it gets wet. If you hair does get wet while in this style, simply leave it to dry before loosening the braids and you’ll be left with the perfect beachy waves.

  • The Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids have a lovely vintage feeling while efficiently keeping your hair out of the water no matter how long it is, as the braids are all pinned on top of your head. To take your hairstyle to the next level, consider incorporating lace, ribbons, or even flowers for a unique and fresh look.

 3. Celestial Space Buns

Space buns have a very cute effect and work perfectly with an intergalactic inspired swimsuit. They can be worn high on top of the head or smoothed down to two neat low buns. A zigzag parting is very effective with this hairstyle and adds to the futuristic, space theme. Accessories can also enhance the style such as metallic scrunchies or sun and moon shaped hair clips.


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The Bun

Vintage Styles

Celestial styles

















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