3 Ideas for Redecorating Your Bedroom

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Redecorating your bedroom can be a daunting prospect, there being so many styles to consider as well as deciding what kind of mood you want to set in the room you spend most of your time in. Below are 3 simple ideas to get you started.

Calming bedroom

Using white as the dominant colour in your bedroom is a timeless and classic look. White is associated with purity and cleanliness, meaning it creates the perfect atmosphere for a restful space. Incorporating natural elements, such as plants and wooden surfaces will add just enough colour to liven up the room without distracting from the cleanliness. This bedroom design is a particularly good idea if you don’t spend a lot of time in your room, as when you do it will be the ideal place to rest and unwind with no distractions. Ensure all your storage is hidden away under your bed or inside closed cupboards to ensure you retain the peaceful atmosphere. If you want to create a calming restful bedroom but don’t like white, pastel shades can be used instead, such as baby blue or pink.


DIY idea for a white room:

Creating a canopy for your bed by pinning old white sheets up will soften the whole room, and make your bed feel like a much more private space. Fairy lights can be included in the design to give soft lighting nearer bedtime.

Personal bedroom

If you spend a lot of time in your bedroom and want it to be an exciting and personal space, it’s a good idea to choose one of your favourite colours as a starting place. If you’re stuck for choice then you could instead choose a colour based on its symbolic meaning. For example, red, orange and purple are strong colours that encourage passion, warmth, energy and youth. Blue, yellow and pink are cheerful but also soothing. Be sure to invest in good quality bedding in a print that you love, and adding soft furnishings such as a rug, cushions and wall hangings, will make a room much cosier and are a great way to include more colours without spending a lot of money. Posters or stenciling will have the same effect.

DIY idea for a personal room:




Creating a memory wall for your bedroom is a really simple way to add something special. Choose your favourite photos along with keepsakes from important events e.g plane tickets, festival bands, and so on. Arrange them on your wall in whichever way you like, and keep adding as you make more memories.

Vintage bedroom

In the age of social media and mobile phones, a vintage themed bedroom is a great space to escape to. You can pick any era you want, do some research on Pinterest to get a feel of the colours and themes from that decade. For example, if you want to create a 70’s themed bedroom then an ideal colour scheme could be pink, yellow and brown. Add a crochet blanket, floral wallpaper and a bead curtain, as well as some key, retro pieces like a small record player or vintage phone to complete the look. Lots of vintage inspired items can be found online, even on a low budget. If you’re into vintage fashion as well you can hang up some of your favourite pieces on show to add to the aesthetic.


DIY idea for a vintage bedroom: Chalkboard paint can be bought fairly cheaply online or in craft stores. Simply paint a square (or any shape you like) straight onto the wall, and it will work like an ordinary chalkboard, as well as adding to the vintage vibes.

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